Curriculum System

The integrated curriculum of the Bilingual Department respects the law of students' life growth, takes the healthy growth and all-round development of students as the basis, and implements "holistic education" covering six learning areas: language and literature, humanities and society, mathematics and Thinking, science and technology, physical education and health, and art and design.

Under the premise of strictly implementing the compulsory education curriculum arrangement of the Ministry of Education and Hunan Province, we integrate the advanced concepts and curriculum elements of the international common curriculum to make the international curriculum localized and the traditional education internationalized. Implement the following courses in six learning areas:

Basic courses: fully open the national curriculum, module construction, stratified teaching, solid foundation, high quality and efficiency. In accordance with the unified curriculum requirements of Hunan Province, subjects such as Language and mathematics are taught solid basic courses to help students get excellent results in the traditional Chinese academic evaluation system. The English subject, as a bilingual school feature, combines the curriculum and teaching methods of english-speaking countries, pays attention to students' listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, and carries out procedural and summative evaluation on students.

Inquiry-based courses: cross-cultural learning and interdisciplinary integration, open questions drive students to discuss questions, collect data, conduct independent research, process information and seek answers, so as to build their own knowledge and skills. Such as PBL (project-based learning), STEAM course, UOI (multidisciplinary inquiry), GC (macro background course) and so on. It aims to deepen the understanding of culture with a broader learning experience and knowledge content as the carrier. In the learning process, emphasis is placed on the cultivation of students' creative thinking, inquiry learning and interdisciplinary comprehensive ability.

PYP (G1-G5)

  • Instruction in Chinese: Chinese
  • Instruction in English: English
  • Bilingual instruction: UOI Inquiry units (Science, Humanities)/Math/PSPE/Arts/Music/Drama/Media Literacy

  • LS (G6-G8)

  • Language and literature: Chinese, English
  • Humanities and Society: history, geography
  • Mathematics and thinking: Mathematics, logic training
  • Science and technology: Integrated science, physics, chemistry, biology
  • PSPE: Sports and health, special training
  • Art and design: music, arts, digital design
  • Specialist courses: GC (Global Vision Course), Individual Project, Postgraduate Course, Subject English (Humanities/Science)
  • Course Features

    Interdisciplinary:Strengthen interdisciplinary integrated learning, through project-based learning and interdisciplinary integrated learning, train students to solve problems in real life, stimulate more creativity and imagination, and give full play to students' potential.

    Cross-culture:Through sino-foreign cooperative teaching English courses and systematic sino-foreign cultural exploration and international understanding of the curriculum and activities, to develop students' bilingual ability, international understanding and cross-cultural cooperation.

    Curriculum Overview