About Us

Changsha WES(Bilingual) Academy

Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy originates from Singapore. It is a part of Singapore WES group along with Changsha WES Academy which is the only international school in Hunan province which specializes in recruiting foreign students. Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy is officially approved and established by Changsha County Education Bureau. It is a private bilingual school that specializes in providing high-quality international education for Chinese students.

As a pioneer of China's international education, Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy, with the help of its rich international teaching experience and excellent international education team, is dedicated to people-oriented, holistic education. We are committed to integrating modern international education models with the essence of Chinese traditional culture thereby creating a truly personalized and innovative modern international education model. Changsha WES (Bilingual) Academy cultivates international elites who not only have profound cultural roots in China, but also have international vision, social responsibility, and are brave to face future challenges.

The school mainly enrolls Chinese students, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. At present, it has a total of 14 classes from primary school to middle school. Under the premise of strictly implementing the national curriculum, it integrates the modern international educational and teaching concepts and curriculum framework, supplemented by colorful special courses and activities, adopts a small class size and bilingual teaching. We guide students to become the focus of learning through inquiry, and truly achieves a student centered classroom environment.


Russel Ellicott

Supervisory Principal

Master in Educational Leadership at the University of London
Principal of Pate’s Grammar School
Nearly 30 years of teaching and management experience in a number of famous schools
the Chair of the Grammar School Heads’ Association, a National Leader of Education

Norman Chen


Fudan University-MIT IMBA
External tutor of Shanghai University of International Business and Economics, founding entrepreneur of China Education 30 People Forum, member of China Democratic League
Over 10 years of experience in financial investment and operation management
Over 10 years of experience in international and bilingual school management

Icey Tang

Assistant Principal

Chinese language and literature
Primary senior teacher
Over 10 years of teaching and management experience in domestic and international schools
Accredited teacher of IB PYP and IGCSE, IB PYP coordinator
UOI subject leader, outstanding homeroom teacher of Changsha City

Lucy Luo

The PYP Director

Master of Education Management, Hunan Normal University
12 years of teaching and homeroom teacher work experience
Has recieved twice third-class merits awards from the government for her outstanding work performance
Has participated in the city's young teachers teaching competition and won the first prize
Has won many honorary titles such as "Excellent Homeroom Teacher" and "Excellent Teacher"
Accredited teacher of IB PYP

Aifi Xie

PYP Coordinator

Master degree, Bangkok University
More than 10 years of teaching experience in international schools in Africa, Thailand and China
Good at teaching and research in Chinese, English and integrated courses
IB, IGCSE, TESOL and TCSOL certificates, the first-grade primary and secondary school teacher
Won the title of "Best Employee" and "China-Africa Cultural Exchange and Friendship Messenger

Jane Zhan

The Director of Moral Education

Chinese Language and Literature from Beijing Normal University and exchange student of Hong Kong Baptist University
5 years of Chinese inquiry teacher and HR teacher working experience
IB certified teacher, Grade leader
Has rich experience in bilingual teaching, and has very familiar with the PYP curriculum system
Editorial board member of "Read Classics, Write Compositions" series, and has published many educational papers.
Second prize in provincial lesson preparation competition

Mr. Matthew

The Deputy Director of Lower Secondary Department

Master of English teaching major,the United States Akan Science and Technology University
9 years of teaching experience,and good at teaching and researching of English
TESOL International English Teacher
IB Training Certified teacher